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Dec 7, 2010

Stuck In The Moment With You

With You
With You
I wish we had another time
I wish we had another place

Now Romeo & Juliet
They could never felt the way we felt
Bonnie & Clyde
Never had the highlight
We do
We do 

You and i both now it can't work
It's all fun and games
'till someone gets hurt
And i don't
I won't let that be you 

Now you don't wanna let go
And i don't wanna let you know
There might be something real between us two
Who knew ??

Now we don't wanna fall but
we're tripping in our hearts and it's reckless and clumsy
'cause i know you can't
Love me 

I wish we had another time
I wish we had another place
But everything we have is stuck in the moment
And there's nothing my heart can do
To fight with time and space 'cause
I'm still stuck in the moment with you

See like Adam & Eve
Tragedy was a destiny
Like Sunny & Cher
I dont care
I got you bie

See we both
Fightin' every inch of our fiber
Cuz ain't no way it's gonna end right but
We are both too foolish to stop

See like
Juz because this cold cold world saying we can't be
Bie,we both have the right to decide we
And i ain't with it
And i dont wanna be so old and grey
And isn't 'bout these better days
But convince just telling us to let go
So we'll never know

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