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Dec 12, 2010

Tnsion Gler Ngn Manager U ... Argh !!

eee bengang gler ar ngn mnger u 2 ... ish da la dye x bg u cpel , pas 2 cng2 dye je nk wt rltionshp at fb u 2 ... eee x puas ati tol laa ... x sdr tol dri 2 da tua ... argh da la coz dye rltionshp kte tgntung skunk ... cmpai skunk kte x cpel ...  eee law i ad ngn dye skunk , da lme i sound ... ish cmpai ble kte nk rhsia an rltionshp kte nie pown x tau laa ... umm law cm nie la skap mnger u nie ... umm mkne nye cmpai ble2 pown kte x an cpel ... u 2 tlmpau blmbut cgt ngn dye ... eee tnsion !!!!

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